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    Pregnant? Or crazy?


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    Roza , 22 November 2014 - 09:27 PM

    Ovulation lasts 36 hours followed by 20 hours of fertility. Any sperm that is released through intercourse, though chances are very low,...
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  • Snowed-Ravaged Buffalo Now Also In Danger Of Floods
    The area around Buffalo, New York braced on Sunday for potential flooding as warming temperatures began to melt up to seven feet (2 meters) of snow that fell in a record snow storm last week in which 13 people died. More than 650 members of the New York National Guard were in Erie county and Buffalo to help with snow removal and flood prevention, and hundreds of volunteers fanned out over the city to help dig out homes still buried in snow. Recent rain compacted high banks of snow and made it heavy to dig out. "The focus right now is still snow removal. There's a lot of snow still on the ground and the key is to get rid of snow especially around drains so that water doesn't back up," said Eric Burr, public affairs director for the Division of Military and Naval Affairs for New York state.
  • This Day in History: First issue of Life is published, Nov 23, 1936
    On November 23, 1936, the first issue of the pictorial magazine Life is published, featuring a cover photo of the Fort Peck Dam by Margaret Bourke-White. Life actually had its start earlier in the 20th century as a different kind of magazine: a weekly humor publication, not unlike today's The New Yorker in its use of tart cartoons, humorous pieces and cultural reporting. When the original Life folded during the Great Depression, the influential American publisher Henry Luce bought the name and re-launched the magazine as a picture-based periodical on this day in 1936. By this time, Luce had already enjoyed great success as the publisher of Time, a weekly news magazine. Life was an overwhelming success in its first year of publication. It changed the way people looked at the world. Its flourish of images painted vivid pictures in the public mind, capturing the personal and the public. At its peak, Life had a circulation of over 8 million and it exerted considerable influence on American life in the beginning and middle of the 20th century. With picture-heavy content as the driving force behind its popularity, the magazine suffered as television became society's predominant means of communication. Lifeceased running as a weekly publication in 1972, when it began losing audience and advertising dollars to television. In 2004, however, it resumed weekly publication as a supplement to U.S. newspapers. At its re-launch, its combined circulation was once again in the millions.

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      23 Nov

    Answers to posts concerning pegnancy need have a real age. If you are old enougah to have sex-you're old enough to get a reply. Most replies are age dependent to some extent...

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is there a chance i could be pregnant?

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is it implantation bleeding?I had a sharp pain on my right side and the next day i started my period, this coupled with fatigue cravings and moodiness has me thinking im pregnant the bleeding was light but lasted 3-4 days no major sign but...
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could i be pregnant?

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My bf and i had protected sex 3 weeks ago and i feel confident that we had no mistakes but i have extreme fatigue head aches and craving odd foods i have cramping but it comes and goes, and i had one huge cramp then my period came on super ear...
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I am sick of my husband being so sensitive to family issues. His kids are not mine, but I share a home with all of them. I cook, clean, pay half the household expenses and I am treated like an outsider. The kids are respectable but cleaning is not...
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Guy friend confusing, does he fancy me??

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Hi please need advice, am quite confused on how a guy behaves around me.We are good friends at work, and he is very close to me, he does the following:Stares at me, buys me birthday gift only, teases me lots, says my personality fantas...
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Help please! Birth control Q's!!

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I had unprotected sex around 6 pm yesterday. I take my birth control at 8 pm. 15 minutes after taking my birth control I threw up. My ovulation days were from Nov 12th-16th. Should I take another pill or plan b or should I be ok?I think I...
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If a child has eczema, will they grow out of it?
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What age do boys stop growing?

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I just turned 18 and I'm 5'6. Will grow any taller? My dad around is around 5'9 and my mom is 5'4. 
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should I talk to her about it?

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So things have been going great with the girl I like and she would reply to all my texts and show high interest in me in person. Just recently I went to her dance competition with out her knowing and I bought her a rose and gave it to her. Her par...
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What does his text mean!?! **please HELP!

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I have been friends with this guy for about 2-3 months now, and I started to develop feelings for him 3 wks ago. I noticed he was gradually getting more and more touchy with me (ex. holding my hand and long hugs) but somedays he barely talks to me...
Asked by: kateB   (Nov 22 2014 10:04 PM)   in: Teens Read More
I have this friend lets call him Mike and we have fake arguments and joke about 'hating' each other and that is how we became friends. We don't go too far with our jokes so neither of us get truly offended. He is my other friend's ex, Sam. She was...
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