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    could I be pregnant


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    wise old gpa, Yesterday, 04:12 PM

    If you had a normal and expected period, you are not pregnant. All your symptoms are stress and anxiety related. Use CLEAR BLUE DIGITAL from a phar...
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  • Obama U.N. Speech Will Include New Executive Order On Climate And International Development
    President Barack Obama will announce a new executive order at the United Nations meeting on climate change Tuesday, directing federal agencies to consider climate change in all international development programs. A White House official said the order will require agencies to "factor climate resilience into the design of their international development programs and investments." The White House didn't release the text of the order prior to the announcement. Obama also will announce tools that the U.S. plans to make available to other countries to "help vulnerable populations around the world strengthen their climate resilience." The announcement comes amid pressure on the U.S. and other developed countries to commit more funding to climate aid for poorer nations. In addition, Obama will "announce U.S. leadership and participation in...
  • This day in History: Eighth planet discovered, Sep 23, 1846
    German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovers the planet Neptune at the Berlin Observatory. Neptune, generally the eighth planet from the sun, was postulated by the French astronomer Urbain-Jean-Joseph Le Verrier, who calculated the approximate location of the planet by studying gravity-induced disturbances in the motions of Uranus. On September 23, 1846, Le Verrier informed Galle of his findings, and the same night Galle and his assistant Heinrich Louis d'Arrest identified Neptune at their observatory in Berlin. Noting its movement relative to background stars over 24 hours confirmed that it was a planet. The blue gas giant, which has a diameter four times that of Earth, was named for the Roman god of the sea. It has eight known moons, of which Triton is the largest, and a ring system containing three bright and two dim rings. It completes an orbit of the sun once every 165 years. In 1989, the U.S. planetary spacecraft Voyager 2 was the first human spacecraft to visit Neptune.

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what do u think?

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what u think??my bf said to see each other during the week cuz the weekends not all of them but still wants to see his best friends?And i said ok cuz i dont want to feel that pressure from me ..you know to sound disperate to control him. But i...
Asked by: oana   (Today, 03:57 PM)   in: Relationships Read More
Hey I am 23 lived somewhere in India and m in love with my second cousin . we didn't know each other and met just 4 yrs back. Our only problem is my parents are nt with us and they say society is against it plz help me
Asked by: cheerag   (Today, 03:45 PM)   in: Relationships Read More
Here's the character Brocken Jr. from Kinnikuman. http://kinnikuman.wikia.com/wiki/Brocken_Jr.   
Asked by: Jagoman169   (Today, 01:53 PM)   in: Entertainment Read More
I'm going on vacation and I'm looking for a bikini to fit my body type. I have a pear shape body.
Asked by: Junebug101   (Today, 01:13 PM)   in: Fashion & Style Read More
My periods are messed up I can go 6 months with it being normal and regular, other times I can go 2-3 months without a period. But when I am due a couple weeks before I get sore breasts, this is how I know I'm due to come on my cycle and if I don'...
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Should I or Can I still take an i-pill?

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Hi I had sex o...
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I think I'm pregnant but I'm not sure...

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So I would like to know... So my period was only 2 days... But it was really light, I took a pregnancy test and both came out negative... But the next day after the bleeding stop I have been really sick to my stomach in the mornings.. Should...
Asked by: Cheycheybay   (Today, 10:52 AM)   in: Pregnancy & Motherhood Read More

WORRIED! How effective is plan B?

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We were having sex, when i took off the condom to put a new one (condom did not have any semen or maybe a little bit) then i went one time without condom but didnt feel myself c**, i was worried so an hour later we.got plan b one step, its been 6...
Asked by: paaydroo   (Today, 10:25 AM)   in: Women's Health Read More

How should my character look like?

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I will create a male fighter from Germany. I need some fighting style. What is he...
Asked by: Jagoman169   (Today, 05:20 AM)   in: Games & Recreation Read More

What do I do with this guy ?

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Met this guy online, he is a doctor. We were supposed to meet 2 months back, but he couldn't make it since he was called in for night shift shift. I used to say hi almost every weekend, and after I stopped texting him for 3weeks he texted me....
Asked by: mpinni   (Today, 12:59 AM)   in: Relationships Read More

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