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    skin pores


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    blossom, 28 September 2014 - 06:19 PM

    Your pore size is partly a matter of genetics. Pores can become enlarged and stretched out overtime as they become clogged with dead skin cells and...
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  • Derek Jeter Plays Final Game at Fenway Park
    Sunlight bathed the field when Derek Jeter came to bat Sunday for the last timein the major leagues. Only the home plate area, from which Jeter stared down Boston starter Clay Buchholz, was in shadows. Jeter took a strike and a ball, smacked a ball foul and then beat a 93-mile-an-hour fastball off the plate. The ball hung in the air for three seconds. The third baseman leapt for it and tipped it with his bare hand. The ball fell to the Fenway Park grass as Jeter raced through first base, with no throw. This was his 3,465th and final hit, a figure surpassed by only five others in history. Jeter already had his magic moment on Thursday, in his Yankee Stadium finale, when he played shortstop for the last time and singled home the winning run in the bottom of the ninth. He could have sat out this series, like the Red Sox great Ted Williams...
  • This day in History: American Revolution: British spy sentenced to death, Sep 29, 1780
    British spy John André is court-martialed, found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging on this day in 1780. André, an accomplice of Benedict Arnold, had been captured by Patriots John Paulding, David Williams and Isaac Van Wart after they found incriminating papers stashed in his boot. It was the discovery of these papers that revealed the traitorous actions of Benedict Arnold to the U.S. authorities. Upon hearing of André's capture, Arnold fled to the British warship and joined the British in their fight against his country. André was allowed to write a letter to his commander, British General Henry Clinton. André also wrote a letter to General George Washington in which he asked, not that his life be spared, but that he be executed by firing squad. Death by firing squad was considered a more "gentlemanly" death than hanging. Even members of the Continental Army respected André's bravery, including General Washington, who wanted to find a way to spare André's life. Washington wrote a letter to Clinton, stating that he would exchange André for Arnold, so that Arnold could be hanged instead. When he did not receive a reply, Washington wrote in his "general order" of the day, "That Major Andre General to the British Army ought to be considered as a spy from the Enemy and that agreeable to the law and usage of nations it is their opinion he ought to suffer death. John André was executed by hanging in Tappan, New York, on October 2, 1780. He was 31 years old.

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My period usually last 6 days but it only lasted 3 days the first 2 days were normal and today It's just brown I've been having unprotected sex using the (pull out method ) I'm a senior in high school and today I threw up a bunch in the nurse offi...
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What are chances of being pregnant ?

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We always use condoms. Its 1 week before her period. She told me her upper stomach hurts alot.It hurted till she went to the bathroom the...
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15/F/Fair skin. I currently use Murad and it seems to be working but slowly. I'm unsure if I should make the switch to R&F. I don't want to to make my skin bad again. Do you know which works better for getting rid of post acne red marks? Thanks! S...
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Why do I bruise so easily?

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I realize that I have very fair skin which allows for bruises to be seen much easier, however.... I can barely bump into anything without getting a nasty bruise. Why? Is it an iron deficiency or something else?
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Is this a cold sore or herpes?

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I've always been prone to canker sores on my tongue. However, about 3 years ago I got a sore on my bottom lip. It was only one sore, and other than hurting and looking bad it didn't have any of he symptoms of herpes. It has returned 2 more times s...
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Aids question please help

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So today I was at a pizza shop ordering 2 slices ofpizza, the guy that took my order had a cut on his index finger below his nail, the cut was covered by a band aid and tape although you could still tell it was a little bloody. I ordered and ate t...
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teeth whitening

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I want to whiten my teeth but I don't want to go to the dentist. Could I use a store bought product to whiten my teeth?  
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Hey I'm Samuel im 6-0 and a half and weigh 134, (i know im skinny but i have ah fast metabolism) I'm turning fifteen the 30th of this month and I'm a sophmore In highschool. I play basketball for my highschools team. My dad is six foot three a...
Asked by: bigben22   (Yesterday, 05:37 PM)   in: Men's Health Read More
Hey I'm Samuel im 6-0 and a half and weigh 134, (i know im skinny but i have ah fast metabolism) I'm turning fifteen the 30th of this month and I'm a sophmore In highschool. I play basketball for my highschools team. My dad is six foot three a...
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Please help me ? Pregnancy chances ?

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Hi . I had sex yesterday . It was unproteccted and he did not ejaculate in me. Today is my ovulation day . I was planning to get a day after plan b pill today . Is it too late because I ovulate ? And if I take the pill what are my chances of pregn...
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