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    I know its stupid bt ny1 who could help me genuinely


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    xoHoneyBear, 17 July 2014 - 05:30 PM

    It could be possible. I've heard that any pictures that are sent from any device are still there even if you delete them. I know about everything t...
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  • Israeli Aircraft Hits Dozens Of Targets In Gaza
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says the international community must hold Hamas accountable for rejecting multiple cease-fire offers and continuing its attacks against Israeli civilians. Speaking alongside visiting U.N. Chief Ban Ki-moon, Benjamin Netanyahu says Tuesday Hamas is "like al-Qaida" and it must be dealt with accordingly. The United States is providing million in aid to help address the humanitarian situation in Gaza, Secretary of State John Kerry announced. The State Department provided a breakdown of the assistance, which includes: An initial million contribution to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in response to UNRWA’s million Gaza Flash Appeal; .5 million in emergency relief assistance from USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA); mill...
  • This Day in History: American Revolution: Battle of Minisink Ford, New York, Jul 22, 1779
    On this day in 1779, Mohawk Indian Chief Joseph Brant leads a mixed force of Loyalists and Indians in surrounding a force of 120 colonial militiamen from New York and New Jersey at Minisink, New York. The militia was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Tusten, Major Samuel Meeker and Colonel John Hathorn. Brant's party of 90 Tories and Loyalist Iroquois had executed a successful raid in the Neversink Valley in New York on July 20, during which they destroyed a school, a church, and farms in Peenpack and Mahackamack. The Patriot militia intended to ambush Brant as he traveled up the Delaware River in order to recover some of the animals and goods taken in the raid. As the Patriot militia prepared for the ambush, a scout's gunfire alerted Brant to the Patriots' presence; he then ordered his troops to outflank the Americans. Tusten and approximately 45 to 50 others were killed in the initial battle. Twenty-nine others managed to escape. Joseph Brant ranked among Britain's best commanders during the American War for Independence. He was an educated Christian and Freemason who studied directly with Eleazer Wheelock at Moor's Indian Charity School. The Brants and their Iroquois followers left the United States for Canada, where they hoped to find land and safety with their British allies.

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      16 Jul

    I have be off BC for 11 days now. Had no withdrawal bleeding. Had sex the 6th, 9th, and the past three day (more than once a day.) Is there a way I could have gotten pregnant? Could I have ovulated? Or am I ovulating?? I have bad acid refulx, sharp back pain on the right, and dizziness if moved too sudden. I took a HPT and it was negative. Did I test too early? Please help. Thank you.

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      08 Jul

    What will happen if I run away and I am 17 and in states custody? Okay so I am 17 and I have been in and out of states custody since I was 11. This time around I have been in states custody for over a year now and I was supposed to get out on July 14th 2014. I've been home on by 60 day home trial. But I was recently set up and don't tell me all I have to do is explain to my caseworker how I was set up because the person who set me up, set me up good & there is no way I can prove m...

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Hello Mrs .Roza, Faith here . Hope your husband and you are doing well. I forgot my password so I had no other choice than to make a new account. Sorry about that. I am expereincing severe lower back aches and either side as well. Frequent tr...
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Could I still be pregnant? Help please!!

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I had sex a lot during my ovulation. I was supposed to get my period June 30th but I didn't. I ended up being 12 days late, which is very unusual for me, my period is always on time! I was so excited because I thought I was pregnant! I know that s...
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So about early morning of July 4th around 4am I had unprotected sex. He pulled out onto my lower stomach but I still a little scared that a little night have gone in. It was also the last day of my period when it was very light spotting. I then ov...
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Anyone play DC Universe?

  Views: 8   Answers: 2
I love this game x,D I was just wondering if anyone played and maybe we can play together? lol
Asked by: xoHoneyBear   (Today, 04:44 PM)   in: Other General Chat Read More

Can acne be cured?

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Acne cure. Does such a thing exist?
Asked by: Kate212   (Today, 02:19 PM)   in: Skin Care Read More

help confused

  Views: 22   Answers: 5
Ok so i had a positive hpt. So i went for blood work but it came back negative. Am I still pregnant? Help please
Asked by: ashley12345   (Today, 12:58 PM)   in: Pregnancy & Motherhood Read More
Hello, I'm 16. My period was supposed to start July 2nd, and it still hasn't.. I've taken 3 pee tests all in the first week it was late. Negative. I have the paragaurd IUD. Some times at night I will get cramps, and when I wake up I'll have mi...
Asked by: Mikayla.cb   (Today, 11:58 AM)   in: Women's Health Read More

IUD pregnancy?!

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llo, thanks for reading my situation (: first, I'm 16 and I think I'm pregnant. I have the IUD paragaurd, my period is 20 days late. I took a test a week after I was a week late and it was negative.. But, now thinking about it the last two times m...
Asked by: Mikayla.cb   (Today, 11:42 AM)   in: Women's Health Read More

Lyme disease years after initial bite?

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I went on a camping trip 7 years ago and had a bullseye rash upon returning. I never got it checked, no symptoms, and didn't think anyhing of it. 7 years later I had shoulder surgery and now am experiencing joint pain, chronic fatigue, and horrib...
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Can u get a divorce FOR your parents?

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I'm 21 yrs old and for my entire life my parents have been constantly fighting and almost physically fighting to the point where I have had to stand in the middle of them to make sure nothing physical happens. It's my mom , she is mentally I'll bu...
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