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Can I get pregnant if he used a condom too big?

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 04:04 PM

Yes. I'm 13. It wasn't my fault, I didn't expect it to happen, but he pressured me and I said yes. My mom found out about it and told me it was practically impossible because I had just got off my period, but my health teacher said that anyone who thinks that is sadly mistaken. :/ My sister in law said that if he kept going (especially if it was too big) that it could have leaked out the sides. I've been having a lot of symptoms like being tired all the time, peeing every half hour, moodswing, And when I go to the bathroom, There's white stuff in my underwear. It's not a lot though, just like when you get really scared and you pee yourself. It's not itchy or anything though. I honestly think this is all happening because I'm majorly paranoid. I'm really scared. I asked my mom to buy me a pregnancy test for my friend and she agreed. She's was so mad when she found out that she said she would never discuss it again, and if I asked her to buy it for me, she would say no without hesitation. All of my friends are supporting me in this, and they know how stressed I've been. I think that if i'm not pregnant that my body has some serious issues. Please help!!

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 05:23 PM

If you click on my picture you will see I have 40 yrs experience as a medical/health expert. I'm also a grand father with two grand kids older then you & three younger.

I'm going to be very straight with you.

First I need you to write back when this happened cause it's unlikely you are pregnant as your body may not be ready ~~ but it is possible.

[BTW if you were pressured -that boy is not respectful & should not be dated by you or your friends. If he forced you an any way you should tell some one - if he's more then your age or a year or two older he may have committed a crime.]

Your fertile day is once a cycle and it changes every cycle. So you can get pregnant very soon after your period or just before your next as well as any day in between. So I'm sorry to say your mom is wrong & your health teacher is right.

Your sister in law is some what right. It could leak - but if too big, worse , it could just come off. Condoms should always be right size - there are only usually 2, maybe 3 sizes. They must never be reused & instructions must be followed exactly. They should always be purchased at a pharmacy.

Your symptoms sound normal for a first time penetration & maybe a bit of blood too. The rest sounds more like stress.

If you give me date your last period ended & date you had sex I can explain your symptoms better, as well as guess, maybe, your chances as well as when & how to test.

I don't think you are pregnant or your body has any serious problem. I can do more when you reply. I need that info. We are all volunteers here so depending when you reply you may have to wait a bit.

Don't stress, you'll be fine. :thumbsu:
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